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Nairobi National Park

Except for the Elephant, the rest of the Big Five can be found in this game sanctuary, the first established in East Africa in 1946. There are delightful nature trails along the Hippo Pools. Much of the scenery is dramatic, particularly the Mbagathi Gorge. The park’s vista and nearby Nairobi City can be viewed from specially demarcated points. This park is a sanctuary for the rare Black Rhino.

Aberdare National Park

This remarkable mountain range encompasses a countryside where icy rivers plunge in magnificent cascades and glorious waterfalls; misty moorlands are covered by strange six-metered tall mutants of alpine plants. The highest peak is Ol Doinyo la Satima which is home to a variety of animals, birds & rare plant species. The Aberdare ranges are home to the first tree hotel in Africa & harbors significant memories in world history. The tree hotels are uniquely built & offer flood lit game viewing.

Amboseli National park

Situated under the grand mass of snow-crowned Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is a striking contrast of snaking lush green marshlands and dusty grey plains. Amboseli in the Maasai language means “place of water”. The vast herds of Elephant & plains game are a major attraction in this biosphere reserve.

Lake Nakuru National Park

A shallow alkaline lake on the bed of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is home to thousands of Greater and Lesser flamingo and various water birds.  The rich acacia savannah shelters numerous bird species, elands, leopards, lions, buffalos and other plain game.   The park also has a well guarded rhino sanctuary for both the black and the rare white rhino.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Arguably the most popular game sanctuary in the country. The reserve is home to the Big Five & a profusion of all types of wildlife. The annual migration is a spectacle worth seeing as millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle from the Serengeti plains from late June & resides in the Mara until October. Over 400 bird species have been recorded in the park. Hot Air Balloons are readily available in the reserve.

Samburu/Buffalo Springs/Shaba Reserves

The Uaso Nyiro River with its large hippo and crocodile population winds its way through the doum palms of Samburu, haven for a wide range of animals from elephants to the grevy zebra, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, and somali ostrich unique to this area. The charm of the north spreads through adjacent Buffalo Springs and Shaba – the last home of Joy Adamson.

Tsavo National Park  

Tsavo East & West combined form the world’s largest game park. Tsavo is a vast landscape of open savannah, bush woodland and volcanic outcrops, escarpments and hills, where wildlife abounds.  Major point of interest is the crystal clear Mzima Springs; here hippo, crocodile & fresh water fish can be viewed from an underwater viewing base.  Major attraction in Tsavo East includes the Yatta Plateau - world’s largest lava flow, with magnificent views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Aruba Dam and its surroundings.

Shimba Hills National Park

Shimba is an enchanting forest plateau, a park of surprises and secrets, of superb scenery,  abundant bird and wildlife.  Its rolling hills and grasslands are home to the stately sable and roan antelope, elephant and other plains game. Shimba overlooks the turquoise blues and greens of the Indian Ocean and the snow-capped dome of Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen on clear days.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

The largest stretch of coastal forest in East Africa the adjoining Mida Creek forms an eco system of great diversity containing rare species of plants, birds, butterflies and amphibians. It is also home to a varied population of snakes, lizards, frogs and toads. Classified as an important site for bird conservation in Africa with over 230 recorded bird species. The reserve is the last strong hold for the golden-rumped elephant shrew & sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose.

Mt. Longonot & Hell’s Gate National Park

Only a short distance away from Nairobi this young volcano rises 2776 meters above sea level. It is a captivating sight as you drive to the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Hell’s Gate National Park is in close proximity to the Naivasha basin famed for its natural hot geysers & breeding ground for the rare Lammergeyer Vulture. The park features include Fischer’s Tower, Central Tower and the Njorowa Gorges. Plains game inhabit this fabulous park and allows visitors to either walk or cycle as an option due to the absence of predators.

Meru National Park

Neighbouring Mwingi, Kora, Bisinadi and Rahole National Reserve together with Meru form an integrated part of the northern circuit.  The park was first opened in 1968 and one of the best watered sanctuaries as it is situated close to the slopes of the Nyambene mountain ranges north east of Mt. Kenya. The park is home to the largest herds of buffalo in Kenya & homes the other 4 members of the Big Five. Joy Adamson’s book “Born Free” was based on the chronicles of in-depth study of Lion & Cheetah.

Mt. Kenya National Park

These parks are fascinating sanctuaries in terms of scenic splendor & great variety of wildlife. According to local folklore, Kenya owes its name to this majestic mountain & is ranked the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro. Part of the mountain’s attraction is the variation of flora & fauna found at the different altitudes.

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